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[icon] Beginnings - Why are you afraid of the dark?
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Time:12:43 am
Tuica, Silovitz - it has many names.

Strong heady, but bitter, like the piss that lies stagnant in an unstirred cesspool for too long. Who would have thought that something so sweet and delicate could possibly produce something so strong and awful? It burns, warms, and brings tears.

Why do we fear the dark? Because we should.

The cover of night has wrought many miseries in our species' past. Night was the hider of predators first, then enemies later. The mysteries of its queen, the moon, vexed us since we could look up from a stoop - her sway over tides, and our minds, inexorable links to the time when the roots of our species were thoughtless mollusks churned in lunar-kissed reefs.

The night has always been the time of mysteries. The spirits are more powerful. The powers of perception are heightened, and suppressed all at the same time. The smells of earth, the sounds of the unseen - the feel of the black air over sensitive flesh. Things seem sharper and more blurred all at once. In the moonless night there is no comfort for the eyes but that of man's creation. In the full waxing of the moon,

We fall in the dark, we can die in the dark. If we fall and do not die, we may lie bleeding a slow death, as lifeblood fertilizes thirst earth, or freezes on unforgiving tundra, until its scent draws the nocturnal nibblers, or predators. We could be yards from help, but if they have no light, they may not find us if we cannot scream.

Most of all, the night brings the darkness.

Darkness is in each of us. So is blood, piss,vomit,shit,and pain. When we see any of these things manifested external of ourselves, we react with fear, or disgust. Some would call it irrational.

It is not.

Things that crawl, things that fester, things that will suck your blood, eat your flesh, rend your bones - these are all things that creep in the night. Be they bears or bogeymen, mosquitoes or vampires.

The darkness hides them.

In times of old, when lights were fewer, and our species less populous, there was more time for the night magics.

The dark magics.

The reason children cry at night, and parents' pulses race like starving hounds after a thin rat.

It is within us, the darkness - we know what we are capable of as humans. Not too attractive. We also know what we might be capable of, should the checks and balances of our chemistry should go awry.

Should the checks
a w a y.....

Cannibalism, incest, murder, carnage, torture, sadism, cruelty, unabashed reveling in suffering, causing suffering, witnessing suffering.

There are few things more distressing than a silent dark. It means that danger is on it way, or recently passed by. Are we in its path, or walking away from it?

The darkness does not answer, it just sits, surrounding, waiting for its inevitable flight when the dawn comes.

Each step we take to remove ourselves from the root of those fears, the more we fear them.

I am but a fool, rambling on about all this. The Fool, if you will. I offer postulates on the nature of man, but offer no proofs. I offer theories on the workings of our world, but I offer no evidence. If you listen to me, you may yet find yourself wearing my label, especially would that it were that you find yourself repeating my "wisdom".

But, children of the moon, that is what it is - I offer the wisdom of the undying ages. I am, as some have said, the ultimate Fool. Perhaps I am just the only one who ever cared to make a stand.

I know not - thousands of years of toil and argument has not made much of a difference.

I want to bring it all down. For years I sought to do that through deceit, illusion, trickery, and lies. However, I have found a better way.

The truth, raw and adamantine, has points and edges as unforgiving as any sword. To know its embrace is to know the end of night fears - or any fear at all.

For all fear stems from the fear of death. Once that is conquered, there is nothing left - for many, left to live for.

Te truth will set you free. Or so this Fool hopes.
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[icon] Beginnings - Why are you afraid of the dark?
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